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Preselection. Selection in 20 days

(partial selection for a self-dependent manager who is in a rush)

Time: 20 days
Number of candidates:
5 candidates who best meet the requirements plus 2-3 CVs from the data base are presented.

Partial selection is applicable to the positions which do not require “head hunting” (e.g., it is not applicable to the positions of company manager, construction site manager, engineer, etc).


  • Assessment and description of the positions: distinguishing main factors (experience, personal qualities, professional skills etc);
  • Search for candidates:
    • advertising for required positions on the Internet;
    • advertising in the press.
  • Assessment of the candidate. Candidates will be assessed regarding the following:
    • your company’s business and hiring needs;
    • the candidate’s personality and business competence.
      We use several methods for assessing competences; these methods enable us to assess the candidate, his/her work and life experience, skills and attitudes quickly and thoroughly.
    • interview;
    • conclusions of personality and general abilities tests (Californian Psychological Inventory and RAVEN Progressive Matrices Test are used for analyzing the speed of thinking and logical ability; motivational test; and for managers – a management test);
    • references of the candidate are collected (the consultant presents two written references from previous workplaces)
  • Presenting candidates: candidates’ CVs with test results and references are presented to the client in writing. Immediately once these are presented, the certificate of services received is signed.
  • You yourselves organize meetings and negotiate with presented candidates.

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