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Partial selection - assessment of your candidates

We assess available candidates thoroughly regarding their experience and desired qualities:

  • during a structured interview;
  • using personality, motivational and various professional tests;
  • we give practical-imitative tasks to the best candidates: group and individual tasks (we use the help of specialists in the appropriate field here; you also may participate in the tasks);
  • tasks necessary for checking skills and knowledge required for the job are given, e.g. a language test; market orientation;
  • the most suitable candidates’ references are checked.

Conclusions concerning each candidate’s professional competence and personal qualities important to the job are presented on the basis of agreed assessment criteria and the best candidates are recommended.

Dominikonų st. 5, LT-01131, VILNIUS
Tel.: +370 5 212 7515 +370 607 89800
Fax: +370 5 2127514


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