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Full selection

Full selection consists of the following stages:

  • you and we together create a thorough description of the role. This description sets out the requirements for the candidate’s education, professional experience and personal qualities;
  • we prepare a job offer and publish it on an Internet site and/or in the press on your request;
  • direct search for candidates employed in the same business field is carried out by agreement;
  • we assess suitability of candidates regarding their experience and the qualities desired by you:
    • during a structured interview;
    • using personality, motivational and various professional tests;
    • we give practical-imitative tasks to the best candidates: group and individual tasks (we use the help of specialists in the appropriate field here; you also may observe the tasks);
    • tasks necessary for checking skills and knowledge required for the job are given, e.g. a language test; market orientation;
    • the most suitable candidates’ references are checked;
  • conclusions concerning each candidate’s professional competence and personal qualities important to the job are presented on the basis of agreed assessment criteria;
  • we present the results of assessment of the best candidates to you;
  • we organize final interviews with the best candidates (you and/or a representative of your organization participates in these interviews);
  • At your request, “Šiaulių personalo valdymo grupė” Ltd. consultants will participate in the meeting and negotiations between the Client and the candidate.

Under an agreement, “Šiaulių personalo valdymo grupė” Ltd. gives a 3-month guarantee to the candidate employed.

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